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Top 5 In the News: Music on the Brain

Music on the Brain.

From trauma or at birth, neurological impairments do not define people. Individuals who experience different brain activity learn and experience life uniquely. Here are the top 5 news stories on how music and neurology band together.

Music Works Wonders in Treating Neurological Disorders

With the combination of note pitches and repetition increasing spatial-temporal intelligence and restructuring brain neurons to help release endorphins, music therapy is a supplemental therapy.

Lakewood Business Focus: Altitunes Neurologic Music Therapy

The appreciation for music therapy is growing rapidly around the world. Music therapists are branching out to meet the increasing demands for sharing the health benefits of music.

Music supplement: This is your brain on music

Listening to music is a special part of our brain’s activity, and there’s more. Music effects us physiologically and psychologically, and can be beneficial in various aspects of our lives –professionally, academically, and personally.

DRUMBEAT Program Provides a Safe Space for Rhythmic Reflection

Music is an escape. It calms, relieves, and rejuvenates. This group-based program uses hand drumming to create a fun, safe space for social learning and self-reflection.

Treating Parkinson’s Disease Through Dance

Musical beats and rhythms energize people to want to get up and dance.  The body movements for dancing can help retrain the brain. This program researches the auditory-to-movement network.

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