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Accent Music Therapy is a healthcare business focused on providing the most effective and meaningful therapy service to children, youth and young adults with special needs.

We recognize the power of music and aim to cultivate the power, healing and growth potential music has for each of our clients.

Our practice is guided by over 12 years of specialized clinical experience, and is supported by the latest evidence-based research and best practice.

Accent Music Therapy works with each individual client to provide unique and customized treatment experiences to meet stated treatment goals.

We works in schools, in-home, in your community and on site at our Mississauga and Burlington locations.

Clients are referred by physicians, paediatricians, healthcare clinicians and the clients and families themselves.

Scheduled sessions are delivered in individual or group therapy sessions, or adapted music lessons.

What are parents saying?

The music provided by Bill promoted group play and interaction. He made my child sit still attentively which is impossible!
—A satisfied parent of a recent Accent Music Therapy group.

From day one of music therapy, Jack has responded in ways I never thought possible.  No screaming or aggressive behaviour at all while we are there.  He is intrigued, he will sit in my lap and listen to Bill play his guitar, and literally within two sessions he was communicating back and forth with Bill through various songs.  It has been an awesome experience for Jack, and finally a way for him to try to communicate with us at home.  I also have to commend Bill - he has a wonderful rapport with Jack, and is amazingly patient with him.  I cannot wait for our sessions with Bill to start up again in the Fall and see where we can take Jack from here, as it has been one of the most promising avenues we have explored for Jack's development to date.
—Kerri Deganis, Parent of an Accent Music Therapy client

William Murray is one of those rare gifted individuals that truly cares, and with that makes a profound difference to the life of an individual. He is passionate about the work he does, extremely patient, and believes in peoples abilities. He encourages creativity and helps individuals come up with their own ideas and then follows up with his guidance.
< —Mary Letarte, Parent of an Accent Music Therapy client

If we didn’t have you, SUPERFIRE would never be where it is today. All your dedication and patience are really appreciated. Thank you for mentoring, supporting, leading and teaching us. We love you Bill.
—Amie Perrenoud, SUPERFIRE Rock Band Group Lead Singer