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Top Five in the News – February

Music therapy isn’t just for treatment of those with disabilities. It’s for anyone who wants to feel better by reducing stress, expressing emotions, and lifting moods. From patients to providers, here are the Top 5 stories in the news for February 2014 of how music is rehabilitates all of us.

Music therapy helps troubled teens connect

A music therapist “take[s] it all away” for young wards of the state by helping elevate moods through the song lists created by the youth, and with musical contests and fun competitions.

Blind man offers music therapy to children

A man who was born with congenital cataracts completely lost his eye sight at age 17. Now, 33, he volunteers to teach piano lessons children every day at his local centres because pianos and music fulfill him.

Victory Band brings music therapy to veterans

To better serve veterans at the rehabilitation and recovery facility, staff worked with veterans to create a band to help patients with their PTSD, depression, and schizophrenia.

Couple receives music therapy award

In memory of their late son, a couple, who is neither a music therapist, volunteer each year at a music school that provides musical expression, enjoyment, and interaction for all persons with special needs and their siblings.

Singing Talents for Care Home Patients (video)

Music therapy isn’t only for patients. What was a part-time gig, turned into a full-time travelling road show for a senior who used his singing talents to help care for patients in local nursing home.


It warms our hearts here at Accent Music Therapy when we see the excitement that music elicits of our clients and their families. Seeing those smiles is what inspires us and makes us beam!

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