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Music therapy is not always structured and scheduled. It can be as simple as listening to music in your car or home. Music relaxes the mind, and eases stresses and tensions. Music connects with emotions. It’s the most accessible therapy available to everyone.  Recently, music therapy has been receiving considerable media coverage because modern music therapy is breaking stigmas and giving a fresh new perspective on the innovative uses of music therapy. Here’s AMT Top-5 in the news for May 2013.


Doctors use music therapy to help NICU babies develop.
In a new neo-natal facility in Indiana, doctors who feel strongly about the benefits of music therapy for preemies, donated own money for in-room NICU music. The physicians believe that music, regardless of genre, offers auditory stimulation that the developing brain nee


Music Therapy Week 2013: June 8 -15, 2013
To promote public awareness of music therapy and supports music therapists’ professional practice and research, the BAMT will host the Music Therapy Week from June 8 to 15.


Greely musician releases five songs for mental health week
Larry Pegg has been using music as a therapy to grieve his daughter’s 2007 suicide. The Greely, Ontario singer/songwriter released five songs off his upcoming album in support of national Mental Health Week, and donated all proceeds from downloads between May 6 and 12. The 12-song album will be released on World Suicide Day (September 10) with more than 50 per cent of proceeds being donated to mental health research and awareness programs.


Music heals with the iPod Pharmacy Project
Students at Capilano University, Vancouver, BC joined the iPod pharmacy project. The national project encourages people to donate old iPods for use by music therapists in a variety of therapeutic settings, including hospitals and classrooms.

Music therapy helps heal at SickKids (video)

SickKids helps children with their physical, emotional and psychological needs. Children at SickKids are enhancing children’s lives with the soothing sounds of music.


These stories remind us how gadgets and technologies, as well as community members, are bringing music to those who can benefit the most from high notes.

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