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Music Therapy – Top 5 in the news in July

Our previous Music Therapy in the News post received record hits and readership, and so AMT commits to bringing readers the top news stories for the industry more regularly. Here are the top five in the news for July 2013.

The Doctor Will Sing to You Now.
Doctors are starting to integrate music into patient therapies. The use of music creates a perception of less stress, anxieties and pain, and an experience of less sedation.

Savvy Senior: Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients

Listening to familiar music may reignite memories of the past, and help Alzheimer patients connect with the present. Music improves alertness and mood, and reduces agitation, allowing for the patient to be more relaxed and in the moment.

Lifegiving Music Program Plays On

Hospital therapists are using music to not only heal the heart, but to also heal the body. The program aims to create a welcoming, fun environment for children coming to the hospital for therapy.

Similarly, a new University of Alberta study evidences that music reduces perceived pain and improving communications with the sick children.

Music an Alternative Communication Strategy for Autism

Music helps improve social interactions for those with autism. An autistic person engages to the sounds, beats and rhythms of music by dancing and singing along. Over time, the person will become more comfortable with the therapist, and initiate communications through improved social skills.

Music That Heals the Soul

It’s not only children who benefit from music therapy. In this senior care home, music therapy helps renew joy again through the expression of music.

These stories all share the same message: Music improves communication by reduce perceived pains and anxieties. Whether someone is sick or experiences neurological or behavioural disorders, music connects and creates relationships, leading to a better quality of life. 

Check in next month for the top 5 in August!

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