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Music for the Ages: Top 5 in the News – January 2014


Recently, music therapy has been trending, so much so that researchers are now investing in learning how music therapy can be so beneficial. It’s simple. Music is a universal comforter.  The psychological and transformative impacts of music are boundless. Relaxing the mind and body opens the self to receive care, and improve health. Here are the Top 5 stories in the news of how music is comforting:

Making Music Videos Helps Young Cancer Patients Cope With Treatment
In this story we learn how physically and mentally exhausting cancer treatment can be, and the importance of patients, especially adolescents, expressing emotions and feelings as a part of the journey. Making music videos is outlet to vent, release, and communicate. It’s cathartic. It’s comforting.

Alive Inside

At the 30th Sundance Film Festival, the intensely emotional Alive Inside premiered. The film opens with a (perceived to be unresponsive) 96-year-old Alzheimer’s patient who is given headphones to listen to his favourite artist, Cab Calloway. In 2012, the patient was also featured in an online video that went viral with nearly 10 million views.

Hospitals train docs, use music therapy to help teens

In efforts to improve healthcare and patient experience for adolescents, New York doctors comfort patients with music.

Thinking Out Loud: How Music Can Heal

Two musicians, with different backgrounds, share a common passion –vibrating others with the sounds of music. Learn how a saxophonist hosting sidewalk jazz concerts and a music therapist helping a disabled child comfort souls to healing.

Nothing Matters When There’s Music

After a misdiagnosis, left a young boy developmentally disabled, the boy reaches within himself find solace in music. The boy not only orchestrates his own well-being, but he also teaches those around him to enjoy the beats and sounds.
Whether you listen to music while cooking, showering or studying, AMT encourages you to comfort yourself with music.

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