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Our Accent Music Therapy Team Is Expanding!

Accent Music Therapy’s is excited to welcome Music Therapist Melissa Telford to our team!

Melissa has 3 years of related experience, but more importantly, has an innate passion and desire to work with children and youth with special needs. She wants to see and be change. During her clinical practicums, Melissa recognized the lack of developmentally appropriate and fun activities for special needs children and youth.

“Everyone needs music, especially in childhood!” says Melissa.  “One of the many reasons I enjoy working with children is that they are so honest. They will let you know if programming isn’t up to their standards and needs!”

She believes that growing up in the Prairies and spending time in British Columbia has fostered a unique mix of compassion, enthusiasm, empathy, humour. Melissa is proud to bring heart to her clients and their families. Singing, silliness and encouragement creates the foundation for Melissa’s therapy style.

Melissa offers individualized and developmentally appropriate treatment plans for clients. She believes in the power of family music. She is committed to working with parents to set client goals and expectations as well as inviting parents to join the sessions, and encouraging “homework” for the family.

“Music can facilitate bonding in families and enhance client skills, “says Melissa.

Melissa graduated from Capilano University with her Bachelor of Music Therapy.

Contact us at our Burlington site at (905) 631-MUZK or at (905) 870-MUZK if you’d like to meet Melissa for a first session. She’s taking clients in early September and is excited to meet you!

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    • Bill Reply

      Since January of this year. Thanks so much for the kind words! – AMT Team

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    • Bill Reply

      MT Improvisation for groups is a great resource. ‘This is your brain on music’ by Dan Levitin is a personal favourite of ours. Wheeler’s MT research text would also be a must read for you in this situation. Check out http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/17007.Best_Music_Therapy_Books for further information on this. Thanks for reaching out! – AMT Team

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    • Bill Reply

      You need formal schooling to become a music therapist, but do not need musical experience to participate in a Music Therapy session. A good MT should be able to develop your musical skills, but that is not typically the goal of MT sessions. The focus is primarily to develop non-musical skills with musical means. Check out http://www.musictherapy.ca/en/ for more information if you’d like. Thanks! – AMT Team

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